Will Alex Smith Prove to be Liability Down Stretch for Kansas City Chiefs?

By Michael Terrill
Will Alex Smith Prove to be Liability Down Stretch for Kansas City Chiefs
John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs is one of only two teams in the NFL that is still undefeated. The unfortunate part about it is that the other team that is 6-0 is their AFC West division rival. When a team is playing at such a high level, it is hard to pick out areas that must be improved in order for the success to continue. With that being said, I believe there is one position that needs to get up to speed with the rest of the team.

I am not saying that quarterback Alex Smith has not played well this season because he truly has. He has been a very efficient quarterback when it comes to protecting the football, which is a big reason why the Chiefs are undefeated. However, it is becoming clear that in order for Kansas City to break away from the Denver Broncos they will need their signal caller to step up. The fact is Smith could prove to be a liability down the stretch if he is unable to raise his level of play to that of a postseason contender.

The good news for the Chiefs is that head coach Andy Reid, along with several other members of the organization, are perfectly content with Smith’s performance this year.

“He’s taking care of the football,” Reid said, according to KCChiefs.com. “When it counts, he makes the play. I appreciate him. We’re winning football games, and he’s doing a nice job managing it. Everybody feeds off of it, on both sides of the ball; (they) feed off his leadership and his ability to manage a football game.”

Smith is an established quarterback who has seen some success in the NFL, which cannot be said about every player that lines up under center. There is no question his leadership and ability to keep the football in the hands of the offense is certainly effective for right now.

Nonetheless, he cannot rely on the defense to constantly be the reason for Kansas City’s success. At some point, the offense is going to have to start taking over games on a consistent basis. Smith will need to improve on his 221.7 passing yards per game and seven total touchdowns this season if the Chiefs are serious about contending for a division title.

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