Texans vs. Seahawks: Houston Must Play With a Sense of Urgency


It has been a really long week for the Houston Texans and their fans. When the team drops a stinker like they did last week in Baltimore, all they want to do is hurry up and get to the next […]

Houston Texans Average Margin of Defeat is Alarming


While the masses of Houston have been doing their best Chicken Little impressions this week, there is more reasons than usual for the panic. Every team is going to have those bad games that they just don’t show up in […]

Houston Texans: Switching Positions Was Only Option for Sam Montgomery


Something that was of hot debate last April among Houston Texans fans was where the team was planning to play third-round draft pick Sam Montgomery. Shortly after the draft, it was stated by team officials that he would be changing […]

Kareem Jackson Isn’t the Problem for the Houston Texans


For the last three days, we have heard the entire city call in and blame near one-hundred percent of the Houston Texans‘ problems on Matt Schaub. Not that the criticism isn’t deserved after the last two weeks, but you get […]

How the Houston Texans Can Turn Things Around Against Seattle Seahawks


Coming off of your most embarrassing road loss since the playoff finale in New England last year, the Houston Texans have that look of a team that might be ready to implode. A turnaround trip home to face arguably the […]

Benching Matt Schaub Would Change Very Little for the Houston Texans


I realize that the quarterback of a football team is going to get too much credit when a team wins and too much blame when they lose. For the past two years, it’s been mostly the latter for the Houston […]

Team Record for Penalties Dooms Houston Texans in Baltimore


It’s difficult to remember the last time the Houston Texans came out with a worse offensive game plan than they did today in Baltimore. I predicted that Houston would drop this one, but never did I see this butt kicking […]

Houston Texans Predictions For Week 3 Against Baltimore Ravens


After a 2-0 start against teams they were supposed to win against, the Houston Texans will take it. History will not show if they were pretty wins or not, but they’ll still count and as a fan who suffered through […]

Houston Texans: What to Watch For Against Baltimore Ravens


As most predicted, the Houston Texans are 2-0 headed into their seemingly annual game against the Baltimore Ravens. It may not have been as easy of a road to get there undefeated as most might have predicted, but you are […]

Houston Texans: The Defense Isn’t as Bad as You Think


When the Tennessee Titans, led by Jake Locker, were able to force a 99 yard drive down the Houston Texans‘ throat this past Sunday, it appeared that the defense had finally broken. It was the second long drive the team […]

Houston Texans: Matt Schaub Won’t Succeed as Long as Gary Kubiak Handcuffs His Play


By now, we all know that the biggest scapegoat for the Houston Texans and their letdowns the past handful of seasons has been Matt Schaub. Every question and answer about this team results to some form of if he is […]

Houston Texans Week 2 Gameball: Brian Cushing and DeAndre Hopkins


Usually I’d be against picking two guys to split a gameball, but after the second consecutive thrilling comeback victory for the Houston Texans, it was actually tough to cut it down to just two. First, on the defensive side of […]