Wisconsin Badgers Get Verbal From Montee Ball's Little Brother, Marcus

By Rick Stavig

This won’t be the last year that a player with the surname of Ball will be starring for the Wisconsin Badgers.

Wait, what?  Star running back Montee Ball isn’t going to graduate and come back and play for one more season?

No not quite.

Ball’s little brother, Marcus, has officially given a verbal commitment to play for the very school that his older brother currently stars at.  While it’s far too early to say Marcus will be as good as Montee, it’s not a total stretch to think it’s very possible.  In fact, he could be even better.

Montee was a four star recruit coming out of high school, with about seven big offers, mainly from midwestern schools.  Marcus currently has more than 23 offers from all over the country.  Marcus also offers more versatility than Montee did as a recruit.  Montee was strictly a running back, while Marcus has experience playing quarterback, safety and cornerback.  The younger sibling also has fantastic size 6’3” 205lbs, while Montee is only 5’11” 215lbs.

It’s easy to understand why Marcus decided upon the Badgers.

He saw firsthand how the Badger coaching staff recruited Montee, in addition to how they treated him after the recruitment.  That’s incredibly refreshing because everyone knows the love affair and bells and whistles only lasts until you sign on that dotted line.  Then you’re just another cog on the wheel like everyone else.

Marcus, from Westerville South High in Westerville, Ohio, loved how loyal and consistent the Badgers and their coaching staff was.  He was in Camp Randall Stadium last weekend for the thrilling overtime loss against unbeaten Ohio State and was blown away by the atmosphere.

So where will this star athlete be playing in Madison?  The Badger coaches have indicated they want to put him at safety, where he can be a physical force in the defensive backfield.  That isn’t a problem with Ball as that’s where he wants to play as well.

Will he be as good as his older brother?  He probably won’t ever be up for Heisman Trophy consideration like his brother, just because of the position he’ll be playing, but he wants to make a similar impact for the team.  With his talent and pedigree, it’s a distinct possibility.

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