Pro Wrestling

The Rock Beats John Cena At Wrestlemania 28

The clash between The Rock and John Cena at Wrestlemania 28 was what everyone had hoped for.  The two icons finally hit the ring to settle their differences and it was one heck of a match.  It ended when Cena attempted to use Rock’s signature People’s Elbow.  As Cena bounced off the ropes, Rock sprung up and used the Rock Bottom to get the three count.

The best thing about this match is the actual dislike that the two stars have for each other.  They are total opposites about the business.  Cena loves it and will never leave.  The Rock used it as a stepping stone to a better career.  He may not have started out in it with that intent, but that is how it ended.

I was actually impressed with the wrestling by both men.  Neither are known for being technicians in the ring, but it was a solid match.  You could tell Rock didn’t have a ton of stamina, since the use of submission and rest holds was extremely high.  However, both men brought it at the end and that is what counted.

We will have to wait for Monday night to see all the aftermath from this.  I actually thought Cena would beat Rock, because Rock winning has no benefit to the WWE in story terms.  Cena is a main player who could always use a little bit of an extra push.  Then again, this ended better than I thought it was.

The once in a lifetime match certainly didn’t disappoint.