WWE Apologizes For Abraham Washington Making A Kobe Bryant Rape Joke

By Riley Schmitt

Abraham Washington might be one of the best new managers in the WWE but he landed himself in hot water on Monday.  The loud mouthed heel manager is always mic’d up and he made a Kobe Bryant rape joke that did not go over too well.

The joke went something like this:

“like Kobe Bryant at a hotel room in Colorado … he’s unstoppable.”


The announcers at the time paused and a lot of fans online were instantly upset.  The joke did not get any heat for AW but it made a lot of people angry at him.  He will probably be taken off the road for a bit or his push will be ended.  A PG show should not be having rape jokes on it.  That is about as clear cut as you can get.  Rape is something the audience would not get and should not be exposed to.

It is a shame, as Abraham Washington is a good manager.  He is in the middle of a push and he is a true throwback to the golden age of wrestling.  Unfortunately, his mouth has gotten him into trouble.  Don’t be shocked if they take his live mic away.  He has had some issues with this in the past and it seems to be a real bad problem.

The WWE is always fighting negative press and this certainly will not help.  It seems like a mistake but mistakes can be just as bad as if the joke was intentional.  Not a smooth move at all for AW.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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