More Trouble For a WWE Superstar. This Time its Tensai

By Maurice D. Proffit

On heels of the controversial comment that Abraham Washington made during his live commentary on Monday Night Raw, Episode 1001, another WWE superstar followed suit in throwing his name in the ring of question. Lord Tensai, on his “Tout” account made some very disparaging remarks about Japanese people and their driving skills.

Tout is a new method of Social Media that the WWE has put the investment machine behind. buy investing a lot of money behind this marketing tool. New to WWE, new to WWE universe and obviously new to WWE Superstars. Tout gives you the opportunity to make a 15 second message and upload it on the web. Matt Bloom (who goes by Lord Tensai), staying in character, cut a short promo on his manager who was driving the vehicle they were in. Tensai stated that Sakamoto needed to “Open his eyes” when he drives since he’s “Japanese and Japanese people are not good drivers”. Highly insensitive and racist as well.

Abraham Washington made comments during his live commentary at Raw last night, where he stated “He’s unstoppable like Kobe Bryant in a Colorado Hotel”. Even though that comment was very distasteful and very inappropriate, Tensai’s comments are very hurtful as it is a blanket statement over an entire culture of people

The WWE has apologized for the statements that Tensai made, stating that his words do not reflect on the company and their opinions. This has been a very heated week with the WWE, expect there to be a lot of damage control.


Maurice D. Proffit is a Writer for Rant Sports

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