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Burroughs Displays The Olympic Midas Touch.

The promise that shook the amateur wrestling world did happen to con to fruition indeed. Jordan Burroughs wins the Olympic Gold Medal in freestyle Mens wrestling at 74 kilograms to bring the gold home to the United State of America.

A year ago Jordan changed his twitter handle to @alliseeisgold and it seemed as if the spirit of his twitter handle was with him in his championship match.

His championship match was against Iran’s Sadegh Saeed Goudarzi, by defeating Goudarzi 1-0, 1-0. Burroughs went into his championship with full confidence of knowing that he would come out the victor and on top within this match.

The promise that Burrough made was on Thursday, on twitter when he stated that he would take a picture of the gold medal and tweet it out to all of his followers and one hour after his victory against Goudarzi, he made good on his promise.

Burrough is a native of new jersey and has been victorious in 38 straight international freestyle matches and in addition, was to be the first Olympian to claim the $250,000.00 prize from the Living the Dream Medal Fund, a program designed to support US wrestling.

Before this championship victory, the United States Mens Wrestling team looked as if they would go home without any medals, as the only medal winner for the United States was a bronze victory from Clarissa Chun in women’s freestyle, but Burroughs made the difference for the United States.

When interviewed after his match, Burroughs stated that he has a lot of wrestling left in him and 2016 in Rio De Janerio may just be another repeat of this human highlight reel!


Maurice D. Proffit is a writer for Rant Sports