TNA TV Title On Its Way Out The Door Too???

By Maurice D. Proffit

Yesterday, here at Rant Sports, we reported that the current TNA TV Champion, Devon was done with the company and has left, thus leaving the TV title vacant. But reports are now going around indicating that in addition to Devon leaving TNA, the TNA TV title may be dropped all together.

Apparently the buzz about dropping the TV title has been active for quite sometime now. This may be the reason as to why Devon has not dropped the belt to anyone since winning it, also, in addition, the reason why TNA has not honored their promise to provide a TV championship match every week on Thursday Night Impact Wrestling.

I feel this is a bad move. This will result to TNA going back to having a World Title, Tag Titles, X division title and Knockouts title. The World Title is set for a certain pool of guys, same with the tag titles. The X division title is set for more of the cruiser weight division and knockouts title is for the knockouts. I’m not acknowledging the Knockout Tag Titles since those are more of a  gimmick for Eric Young and ODB. The company should have a secondary title for the mid card guys to elevate them to the world title. The TV title was the perfect solution for that.

The physical belt used to be the TNA Legends Title. Then it was known as the TNA Global title (but that created a world of confusion, trying to understand what the difference between that and the World Title was) and then it was made into the TNA TV title, which captured the hearts of many traditional wrestling fans, giving them the feel of the old NWA and WCW days.

I’m really hoping that TNA reconsiders this decision. Especially with Bound For Glory (TNA’s Wrestlemania) coming up in October. A tournament with the finals happening at the PPV and a new champion being crowned there, would’ve been GREAT TV.


Maurice D. Proffit is a Writer For Rant Sports.

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