Like Pamela, Like Paris, Like Kardashian, Like Chyna, Sunny Wants To Make A Sex Tape

By Maurice D. Proffit
Photo Courtesy Of WrestleHeat


Yes, the original WWE Diva. Yes, at one time the most downloaded woman on all of the world wide web. And Yes, one of the all time most beautiful women who ever graced a professional wrestling ring. Yes, we are talking about Tammy “Sunny” Lynn Sytch and she is highly considering doing a celebrity sex tape.

Sunny was recently on a one on one shoot interview with “You Shoot” via “Online World of Wrestling”. Sunny made a very open and bold announcement about her boyfriend and her are shopping around with some pornography companies for them to distribute a celebrity sex tape of the two. She has been in contact with some of her friends in the porn industry (I’ve always found it funny how Professional Wrestling and the Porn industry seem to parallel each other in terms of circles) who have advised her that companies such as Vivid Entertainment and Red Light District are interested in working with Sunny on a video. Sunny went into some detail regarding the various “Types” of videos she is willing to shoot and what they would consist of, leaving nothing unturned or ignored apparently. Check out the 2 minute video of the interview titled Sunny Considering A Sex Tape!

Wrestling fans who remember the WWF heyday of Sunny, when she first came in, managing the “Bodydonnas” to managing various talent such as “The Smoking Guns” and “LOD 2000”. We remember her bringing a level of sexiness, that we as fans have never seen on WWF TV before. Sunny was indeed the one who would live up to her name in giving us all “Sunny Days” (that’s a wink to Shawn Michaels on that one). However, knowing her story of her departure from the WWF, to the death of her former husband and wrestling legend Chris Candido, to her recent brushes with the law of her multiple arrest, hearing this right now is almost…sad. Sure, Sunny is still a beautiful woman, there is no denying that at all. But it almost seems as if it is a desperate attempt to stay relevant. Seeing our favorite superstars resort to those manners, never is an easy pill to swallow for us fans.

Now, I pose the question to the readers. Would you watch it? Considering how she may have been dancing in your dreams when you were younger. Considering her many many centerfolds in the WWF Raw Magazines. Considering that Chris Canddio still lives in all of our hearts. Considering that she may have seen better days. Still…would you watch it?


Maurice D. Proffit is a Writer For Rant Sports

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