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WWE: Teams That Could Beat The Shield Without Fan Backlash

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Teams That Could Beat The Shield

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The Shield will probably start their dominance at WWE Extreme Rules this Sunday, but their reign has to end some time. Unfortunately for the WWE, The Shield has a cult-like following online, and the fans won't be happy if they aren't defeated by a worthy team.

It's a slippery slope when you book a team as unbeatable, and it's hard to make the fans satisfied when the pairing ends. The Shield is a prime example of this. They've defeated everybody in the business. Their only losses came when The Undertaker beat Dean Ambrose and they lost by disqualification to John Cena.

While the loss to Cena definitely hurt, I don't count it. Cena is booked as a hero, but to hardcore fans he's just an attention hog that won't share the spotlight with anybody.

It wasn't a clean win anyway. When a champion loses by disqualification, he doesn't lose the title. I don't think a streak should end with a disqualification either. So The Shield still haven't lost a clean match, and it doesn't seem like any team of full-timers can beat them. It's time to think outside the box. It's going to take a mix of part-timers, full-timers and returnees to beat The Shield.

The ground rules for this list are simple: any wrestler that's still alive can be included in a team.

Who can finally take down The Shield cleanly? I think these five teams would have the best chance.

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Undertaker, Kane and CM Punk

Undertaker Kane CM Punk
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When CM Punk left, it seemed like he was hinting at a face turn. While the hint was very subtle, it was there. I think this was to set him up for a feud with The Shield. If this is true, then the obvious pairing would be with The Undertaker. Both superstars gained a mutual respect for each other after Wrestlemania. Although things would still be rough after all of the disrespectful things Punk did, they would pair for the good of the WWE. Kane could also be thrown in for the Brothers of Destruction angle, but the focus would be on Punk and Taker.

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Undertaker, Kane and Daniel Bryan

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The pairing of the Brothers of Destruction and Team Hell No was the closest team to beating The Shield clean. Unfortunately for the team, the time just wasn't right for The Shield to go down. Maybe if they met again at Wrestlemania or another large scale pay-per-view the result would be different, but until then, they are just another victim of the Hounds of Justice.

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Paul Heyman's Clients

Brock Lesnar CM Punk
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The WWE has hinted at a third Paul Heyman client for a while now. Unless it turns out to be a member of the Shield, Brock Lesnar, CM Punk and the third member would most likely feud with The Shield. It would be interesting to see how all of the clients react when put together. CM Punk and Brock Lesnar are rarely associated. With the voice of Paul Heyman and the talent of his clients, anything is possible.

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Randy Orton Triple H Batista
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Evolution had a run like The Shield during their time. Nobody could beat the team of Triple H, Ric Flair, Randy Orton and Batista. They only split up because they beat themselves. A reunion would be so well received with the crowd that The Shield wouldn't even matter anymore. The only problem is that Batista said he wouldn't return in the PG era. Maybe the COO could change his mind.

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The Rock, Stone Cold and Triple H

The Rock, Stone Cold and Triple H
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This team would be epic. Nobody would be able to deny the fact that this grouping would be the greatest of all time. The three men that dominated the attitude era would be a lock to defeat The Shield. The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H are three of the biggest names in WWE history. Injuries would be the biggest hold up for this grouping, with Stone Cold's knee and The Rock's many injuries from Wrestlemania, I don't know if this grouping would be possible, but if it becomes a reality, the fans would go wild.

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