WWE Fandango: Possible Rivalry Upon Return From Injury

By Jessica Eberle
Fandango-WWE Universe Facebook

Fandango was taken out of action just days prior to what would have been his first-ever title match due to an unfortunate concussion. He is new to the WWE scene, but I see this as a chance to make a bigger comeback and refresh his character. Although he missed out on his second pay-per-view appearance, he is now on his way to being cleared by the doctors to compete and finding himself in a fresh feud.

Since his injury, the Intercontinental Title that he had his eyes set on has now changed hands thus making his feud with former champion Wade Barrett irrelevant. I see no point in Fandango continuing this rivalry between him and Barrett. So, who will Fandango contend against upon his return? Well, there are many wrestlers that would make sense, but none as much as the man that replaced him in one of the most important matches of his young career.

Curtis Axel is the newly crowned Intercontinental Champion and the ideal target for the revenge that Fandango will be seeking. Not only is he the new champion, but he is also the man that replaced Fandango in the triple threat match. This would be the ideal time for him to come back and show Axel everything that he can do in the ring. After all, if the title was always set to change hands in that triple threat, could we have seen the ballroom dancer with the Intercontinental Championship around his waist?

I have been watching WWE long enough to know what this feud could become and I see everything leading to an entertaining couple of months for the viewers. Both men have in-ring abilities that show they deserve to be a champion of some sort. Take these two former NXT superstars who are new to the title scene, with fighting styles on either end of the spectrum, and create a highlighted storyline. After some highly physical meetings in the ring, see how the characters evolve and then allow the title to change hands at Summerslam. I guarantee the crowd will “Fandango” to that feud.

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