Undertaker and Kane vs. Wyatt Family Needs to Happen At WWE SummerSlam

By Wola Odeniran
Undertaker and Kane
Undertaker WWE Universe Facebook Page

I haven’t been this excited to a storyline like the one Kane currently has with the Wyatt Family in a long time. It’s a battle of who is more demonic, and who has the greater path to destruction in the WWE. In recent weeks since the debut of the Family, Kane has been on the losing end of three-on-one assaults.

Kane, who has self-proclaimed himself “the devil’s favorite demon”, issued a challenge to the Family on Raw for a match which will take place at SummerSlam. I’m a fan of Kane and I would like to see him come back to his dominant side a bit.

Kane has been a bit too happy-go-lucky for me as of late, and it has taken away from his character to some degree. It’s a big reason why I’m excited for his feud with the Family. It really brings back the old days.

As it stands right now, Kane will be at the disadvantage as the Family look like a force with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. This would be the perfect time for the Undertaker to show up and save his little brother. Taker and Kane were known as the “Brothers of destruction” together, and have been arguably the most dominant force in WWE history.

So, for them to be at odds with a group similar to them is great television all around. If the WWE doesn’t do their best to capitalize on this opportunity, they are really missing the boat.

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