WWE: Undertaker Rising Again?


The Undertaker is probably the greatest wrestler in WWE history, and his undefeated streak of 21-0 at Wrestlemania speaks to it. But ever since he got laid out by the Shield on Smackdown in April, he has disappeared. Where is he know, […]

CM Punk’s “Go To Sleep” Finisher Isn’t Fooling Anyone

CM Punk

I’m a fan of CM Punk. He’s good for the WWE, and he seems to do the right things on, and out of the ring. But if there is one thing I think needs to be corrected, and I think his “Go […]

Dolph Ziggler and Kaitlyn vs A.J. Lee and Big E. Langston Has Staying Power

Kaitlyn and AJ Lee

Ever since Dolph Ziggler turned face at Money In The Bank, it evened up the score with the opportunity of teaming up with Kaitlyn, who is a direct rival right now with AJ Lee, which also leaves an up-and-coming star in Big E. Langston to team up with […]

What Has the WWE Done to Kane’s Image?


I’m not a fan of what the WWE has done to Kane in recent years. Kane entered the WWE in 1997 as the little brother to the Undertaker. The big-red machine dominated the industry when entered, and was feared as […]

Undertaker and Kane vs. Wyatt Family Needs to Happen At WWE SummerSlam

Undertaker and Kane

I haven’t been this excited to a storyline like the one Kane currently has with the Wyatt Family in a long time. It’s a battle of who is more demonic, and who has the greater path to destruction in the […]

Undertaker, Kane And Daniel Bryan Versus The Shield?


Watching RAW this past Monday was great mainly because of what occurred during the moment the Undertaker addressed the crowd and The Shield showed up for a confrontation with Taker.  Just as The Shield surrounded the ring, Kane and Daniel […]

WWE: The Rock vs. John Cena Passing The Torch?


After John Cena became the WWE Champion at Wrestlemania 29, I figured that despite what the Rock said a couple of weeks ago on RAW that he wouldn’t be passing the torch to Cena, it makes you wonder if this […]

Best Raw Crowd In WWE History?


I have been watching the WWE for 13 years now and never in that time, even during the attitude days, have I ever seen such a hyped crowd that was so informative and creative at the same time on Raw […]