Jim Ross Should Have Retired Not Fired

By Damian Seeto
Jim Ross Posing
Image from Jim Ross – Twitter

The biggest news this week was that Jim Ross “retired” from the WWE after working for the professional wrestling company for exactly 20 years. The ugly side to his “retirement” is that it wasn’t entirely his own decision.

It has been reported that Vince McMahon made the decision to let Ross go from the company after he failed to calm down Ric Flair during the WWE 2K14 symposium. Flair appeared drunk at the event and didn’t act “professional” in front of both WWE and 2K Games officials. WWE felt Ross should have done a better job at controlling the situation rather than let Flair continue to act “off-script”.

McMahon decided that it would be best to announce Ross “retired” from the company to avoid fan backlash. Ross has been part of the company for two decades and has been popular among fans and his peers. If WWE announced he was actually fired, the company would have had a more icy reception.

Instead, McMahon made the call to let go of Ross, but announce that it was his “retirement”. If Ross was truly going to retire, you would think they would have done it in style instead of just announcing it on WWE.com. Edge and Shawn Michaels have both retired and were allowed to go on Raw to deliver a goodbye speech to the fans. Since Ross was actually let go, he does not have that luxury of saying goodbye properly.

Hopefully Ross could come back in a “one night only” situation to truly say his goodbyes to the WWE Universe.

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