Super League: Sergen Yalcin Off To Blistering Start As Head Coach

By Aydin Reyhan
Sergen Yalcin
Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Sergen Yalcin, a former Turkish international superstar of a midfielder that has stolen many hearts with his brilliant plays, vision and goals has finally become a head coach, with Gaziantepspor of the Turkish Super League being his destination.

The former BesiktasGalatasarayTrabzonspor and Fenerbahce man is known as a central midfielder whose vision is nothing but sensational. He played against all sorts of opponents without fear as he was always confident of his ability and knew when to pass the ball or when to take control all on his own. His specialty is scoring off of free-kicks, which was always praised due to the intelligence of the way he connected on each one he scored.

Now, he has already coached Gaziantepspor twice in league play and both times turned out to be victories: 3-1 at home against Elazigspor. Even more impressive was their 3-1 win at Genclerbirligi today.

The team always had the skill to play smart on both ends of the field, but they were missing the true leadership they needed. With a player who retired less than 10 years ago and seems to completely understand the transition of today’s modern game, Yalcin seems to be the perfect fit. He understands what the players may be going through mentally and can pick out each and every error that is committed.

The most impressive aspect of Yalcin’s knowledge is his understanding of tactics. He knows which formation to use, when to pressure, when to attack, when to build, when to counter and which players fit his puzzle.

Yalcin will be successful at Antep. Perhaps one day he will coach the bigger clubs in his nation and maybe even represent his country as the boss. Either way, nothing could be better for the Turkish legend.

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