Nets End Talks, Dwight Howard Trade Put On Hold

The long standing Dwight Howard is still not over. Trade talks between the Orlando Magic and the Brooklyn Nets broke down and will not be resumed. In fact, there are rumors that the Howard talks will not continue until the Magic have selected their new coach.

This stupid thing has been talked about since the middle of last season. A lot of people thought this thing was going to be over so we could move on to new stories. Apparently, that is not the case and we have to deal with Howard talk for the foreseeable future.

There are even some people that think Howard could start the season with the Magic. This would be so outwardly dumb that you would have to see it to believe it. Howard has already had one coach and one general manager fired. The locker room was absolute poison last year. Introducing Howard back into that for any amount of time is a sure fire way to turn things into a mess again.

I truly think the Nets are down trying to deal with Orlando and the Magic will move on to new teams. There should be a decent amount of teams that try to engage the Magic in talks and pry the center away from them.

The Magic have constantly said that they will not let Howard walk away from the team without getting anything back in return. At this rate, it is probably going to end up being their only option.

This article was contributed by Riley Schmitt.