Aldon Smith, Delanie Walker Being Sued Over Shooting Should be Red Flag for NFL

What the heck is going on in the NFL?! First Aaron Hernandez goes G.I. Joe on apparently everyone in site and now two others players are in trouble for firing guns for the heck of it while intoxicated. Think that sounds crazy? That’s just the beginning.

San Francisco 49ers All-Pro pass-rusher Aldon Smith and Tennessee Titans tight end Delanie Walker are being sued by a man who claims he was shot at a California party hosted by the two players in June of 2012. Wait, what?!

Smith and Walker were allegedly drunk as skunks and just firing guns off for kicks. There are about half a dozen crimes committed in that one statement, but how is this man suing over this? Shouldn’t the police be at the doors of Smith and Walker instead of lawyers? The same thing happened with Hernandez when a man claimed he was shot in the face by the former Patriots star.

There is something wrong with these NFL players and it’s rubbing off on the rookies. Indianapolis Colts linebacker John Boyett told police they couldn’t arrest him because he was an NFL player. How can a person be that stupid?!

If you think crime among NFL players is getting better, it isn’t; I don’t care what Roger Goodell says. Your best bet at this point is wearing a bullet-proof vest to the game so you don’t have to sue after getting shot.