Terrelle Pryor's Pleasantly Surprising Start to 2013 for Raiders Was a Fluke

I don’t believe what I just saw! Two days after our very own Gil Alcaraz predicted the Oakland Raiders would finish winless this season, Terrelle Pryor made his second debut and almost squeaked out a victory over the heavily-favored Indianapolis Colts. But Oakland fans shouldn’t temper expectations because Pryor’s performance was a fluke.

Folks, Pryor is a running quarterback. Period. He’s basically an athlete that’s too lanky to play running back. I don’t care what the delusional Raiders fans say about his potential because the guy couldn’t hit a barn with a watermelon from 10 feet away, so he’s not going to set any passing records anytime soon.

Pryor might keep the Raiders from going winless this year, but don’t expect them to contend for a playoff spot. And just wait until they play the Denver BroncosPeyton Manning will show Oakland how a real quarterback plays and then it will be back the drawing board for the team that chose to bench Matt Flynn in place of an Ohio State outcast.


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