Is Kim Kardashian Dating Mark Sanchez?

By Riley Schmitt

Kim Kardashian apparently has a taste for bad quarterbacks.  Last week, it was reported that she was rebuffed by Tim Tebow.  This week, it’s being reported that Kardashian is having a fling with New York Jets QB Mark Sanchez.

The rumors are flying that the two are secretly dating and have been since Kardashian’s wedding ended.  You know, the wedding that lasted 72 days.  The article also states that Sanchez is merely a fling for Kim, as she’s looking for a more high-profile athlete.

First off, Kimmy K needs to go away.  I really don’t care where, but anywhere besides the US would be a good start.  At least she’s getting to the point where she’s admitting she’s a soulless money grabbing tramp.

Poor Sanchez.  He’s a horrid quarterback and now he’s being used by Kardashian.  I think he would realize this, but who knows?  I would say his time in NY is growing short and he’s going to have to catch on somewhere else.  You can only slide by on name for so long.

Thanks to Starberry Ice Cream for the article.

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