Super Bowl XLVI Predictions: Why New York Giants Will Win it All

By Jeff Shull

48 hours until Super Bowl XLVI is upon us, and it is about time people started finalizing their prediction. We have heard all week how each team can win it all, but here is why the New York Giants will defeat the New England Patriots.

The NFL is all about match ups and coming up with ways to best exploit your top match ups against your opponent.

Strictly speaking in these terms, the Giants have a clear advantage.

First of all, they have a multitude of offensive weapons at their disposal and are going against one of the worst defenses to ever make a Super Bowl.

Hakeem Nicks, Victor Cruz, and Mario Manningham will be going up against the likes of Kyle Arrington, Julian Edelman, and Antwaun Molden.

Devin McCourty is the only defensive back I trust, and he cannot cover everybody.

No one knows how the Patriots are going to approach covering all these weapons, but most seem to think Mario Manningham or Victor Cruz will be matched up with Edelman for most of the game.

Edelman is a wide receiver. Eli Manning is going to pick apart this Patriots defense.

The next advantage the Giants have over the Patriots is the pass rush. The Giants front four, along with their NASCAR package on passing plays that puts Justin Tuck, Jason Pierre-Paul, Mathias Kiwanuka, and Osi Umenyiora all on the field at the same time, will be able to get to Tom Brady and frustrate him all game long.

Ever since Osi came back from his ankle injury, which was around the same time Tuck finally got over his neck, groin, and shoulder injuries, the pass rush has been ferocious.

I do not see any way the Patriots offensive line can contain this group.

One last problem for the Patriots is the simple fact that All Pro tight end Rob Gronkowski is going to be a shell of his former self with that high ankle sprain.

Sure, he could be effective for the first half with a pain injection, but he will not be as dominant and his strength will wane as the game progresses.

This Giants defense has actually slowed down Tom Brady the last two times they have played him, the most important of which was earlier this season—the last time the Patriots lost a game.

Without their best weapon at full strength, it will be all the more easier to stop Brady.

If you read an article by our own Robert Cobb, you will see I predicted the Giants to win 23-20. This was prior to knowing about the extent of Gronk’s injury.

I still believe the Giants will win, but the score will be 31-17.

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