Tom Brady Takes Shot At Entire NFL City

By Michael Terrill

According to Yahoo! Sports, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is now “the most-hated man in Buffalo” after some insensitive remarks he made about the city.

Brady was taking questions from the media on Wednesday when one of the reporters asked him to talk about his parents and their commitment to him over the years.

“My dad was always there to support me,” Brady said. “He’s been there every step of the way. Then I went to school a long ways from home and he and my mom were there at every home football game that they could possibly be at and a lot of road games, too. And even when I started my pro career, he traveled to Buffalo. I don’t know if you guys have ever been to the hotels in Buffalo — they’re not the nicest places in the world — but he would still travel to those. It was just great to grow up in a house like that and feel so supported by your mom and dad.”

That’s right. Brady just took a shot at the city of Buffalo for not having the “nicest” hotels “in the world.” His dad must be pretty dedicated if he is willing to drive all the way to Buffalo and stay in dumps just so he can see his son play. I just don’t understand how Brady could have possibly let something like that slip when all eyes are on him during one of the busiest media weeks of the year.

Brady realized right away that he made a mistake and tried to cover up for it as best he could.

“No, they’re fine,” Brady said. “Don’t go writing that and getting me in trouble.”

The funny part is he actually thought that would work. It is 2012 Tom, where everyone and their Grandma are considered part of the media because of Twitter, Facebook and blogs. When the fine citizens of Buffalo found out about this, let’s just say they didn’t take it lightly.

“People are saying that here is a pompous, overpaid athlete on a national stage, taking shots at Buffalo,” said Ted Shredd of the ‘Shredd and Ragan Show’ in Buffalo. “And for what? Sure there are bad hotels everywhere but there are good ones too. Is the Hyatt not good enough for you? The Marriott not good enough?”

“We think he is being cheap,” Tom Ragan said. “At this point he should be paying for his parents to come to games. If he is not putting them in nice places, it means Gisele Bundchen is controlling the purse strings a little too tightly. Maybe he is bitter too, after the game earlier in the season.”

Ragan is referring to week 3 of the NFL season when the Buffalo Bills upset the Patriots 34-31 at Ralph Wilson Stadium in Buffalo. Brady was picked off four times and finished the game with a passer rating of 86.0.

Another interesting twist is one of Brady’s top targets, tight end Rob Gronkowski, was born and raised in Buffalo. Gronkowsi has refused to get in the middle of this and has yet to comment.

I wouldn’t even know what to do if one of my teammates publicly disgraced a city where I grew up. It is in our nature to take pride where we are from and have the utmost respect for the people that still reside there. Gronkowski may only have a smile and wink to show for the incident now but we’ll see if he pulls a Terrell Owens and publicly talk about what Brady said if the Patriots lose the Super Bowl. In all honesty, I seriously doubt that would happen considering he is only a second year player and the zero-tolerance the Patriots have for situations like this but you never know.

The people of Buffalo have every right to be upset but I think the establishments Brady directly insulted are even more bothered by his comment.

“We are not in Las Vegas where they remodel every year, but we take it seriously,” David Carroll of the Hotel Motel Association of Western New York said. “When Tom Brady says that, it is just another guy who doesn’t know what he is talking about. Every room has a flat-screen TV, wireless Internet. Everyone has upgraded to their brand standard.”

“We didn’t like him before and there is even more reason not to right now,” said Tonny Whelan, an office worker in Buffalo. “You know, at this moment, he might just be the most hated man in Buffalo.”

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