Derrick Rose Unhappy He Cost Chicago Bulls Fans Free Big Macs

By Jeff Shull

Derrick Rose led the Bulls to a win after being down 95-91 with just over a minute left, but he walked away from the game feeling disappointed nonetheless.

With 99 points, 4.3 seconds left, and McDonalds Big Macs for everyone in the crowd if he makes just one of two, Rose admits he felt the pressure.

“I feel like Jackie Moon off of ‘Semi-Pro,’ that’s all I was thinking about, man.

Rose must have recalled the 2009 game in which Kirk Hinrich was in a similar situation. After missing a free throw that would have filled the bellies of the United Center, Hinrich was loudly booed despite the team winning the game.

I feel like the Bulls crowd will be a bit more forgiving for their MVP candidate, but this will linger for a long time. Rose will forever be known as the Big Mac Bandit!

Well, maybe not.


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