The Philadelphia Daily News Want the Flyers to Finish Off the 'Cowardly Penguin' Sidney Crosby Tonight

By Johnny Machurek

The Philadelphia Daily News usually has some pretty clever titles on the back page, but they have outdone themselves this time.  Pittsburgh Penguins star Sidney Crosby has had his face Photoshopped onto the Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz and said it is time for the Philadelphia Flyers to finish him off.

Philadelphia has really frustrated Crosby in the series and they are up 3-0 and are looking to sweep the series tonight at home.  Crosby hasn’t really played his game and has resorted to various dirty tactics, such as slashing and grabbing players by the back of the jersey.

In reality a lot of Pittsburgh players have played like goons, but Crosby is the face of the organization so it easier to lump it on him.  Craig Adams, Aaron Asham, and James Neal have all be suspended for tonight’s contest for their actions in game three.

Crosby himself has acted like a coward, taking cheap shots and making sure the a referee or linesman is close when he does something.  Look at Sunday, he batted the glove of Jakub Voracek when a zebra was right there and then didn’t throw a punch in a fight with Claude Giroux until they were trying to be separated.  In the third he grabbed Scott Hartnell from behind and drug him down, then got some help from Adams as they double teamed a defenseless Hartsy.

Tonight should be interesting to see if the cowardly Pen is finished off or like the Wizard of Oz he find out he had the courage all along.

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