Video: MMA Fighter Zack Thome Stops Robbery

By Riley Schmitt

Original Video– More videos at TinyPic

The first rule of robbing a store should be to know your surroundings.  In the case of Brandon Slanger, he failed that.  He tried to rob a party store when he was choked out by Zack Thome, an Army veteran and a MMA fighter.

Thome knew the cashier and discovered that he was being rob.  Thome came up behind Slanger and put him a chokehold, which is a fairly effective way of getting rid of robbers.

With the growth of MMA in today’s world, you never know who is practicing.  It could be that innocent looking girl on the corner.  The second you try to snatch her purse, BAM!  You end up on the ground with a bruised face and a broken arm.

Let this serve as a lesson to all potential robbers out there.  MMA is popular.  Check your surroundings before you attempt to rob a store.  If there’s someone else there, they might know how to fight back.  At that point, go home and reconsider your life plan.

Thanks to Huffington Post for the video.

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