Philadelphia Phillies Fan Creates Soda/Beer Tab Jersey

Sports fans from the City of Brotherly Love are known to be a bit…how shall we say it….over the top, and one Philadelphia Phillies fan offers no evidence to the contrary. In fact, he is the perfect example of the fanaticism that defines most fans of Philadelphia professional sports teams.

Using 3,000 soda can tabs (or more likely tabs from beer cans), one young Phillies fan, who goes by the online moniker of Armored Fan on, created his own baseball jersey. Though his creation more closely resembles a knight’s chain-mail than an actual jersey, it is pretty cool nonetheless (and knowing how Philadelphia fans have been known to behave on occasion, it could come in quite handy).

He says he was inspired by a similar idea he saw over four years ago and spent this summer creating his masterpiece.

The jersey is complete with the Phillies’ Liberty Bell logo on the front, a No. 1 on the back, and the year 2012 on the sleeve.

See what you think:


Armored Fan says that he can’t wait to wear his designer jersey to an actual Phillie’s game, but admits that he is afraid it will serve as a giant reflective device, and that he will therefore be asked to remove it, or worse, be thrown out. A fellow fan suggested that he could use it to the Phillies’ advantage, blinding opponents whenever necessary.

Though Armored Fan may not be too thrilled with how his team has started their season, posting a 4-5 record through just nine games, at least he has this “talent” to keep him entertained. Good thing, because it could be a long season.

Photo courtesy of and Armored Fan.