University of Colorado Posts Recruiting Rules in Bathrooms

For some reason, which is still beyond my comprehension, the University of Colorado has placed an outline of NCAA recruiting rules in the bathrooms of their athletic facilities.

Appropriately titled “Tips for the Toilet”, the sheets are just above the toilet paper dispensers and outline the basics of NCAA recruiting.

For whom the “tips” are intended is obvious–athletic coaches on the University’s staff.

The sheets are brought to us by Buffalo Compliance, and include important topics such as:

  • Telephone Call Limitations
  • Emails and Mailings
  • Contact and Evaluations
  • Recruiting Visits to Campus
Either the Colorado recruiting staff has a very hard time remembering the ins-and-outs of the recruiting game, the Colorado compliance office is extremely paranoid about rules being broken, or it’s some bizarre combination of both.

To an extent, I suppose it makes sense, to break things down into some nice and easy bathroom reading.

After all, those NCAA Manuals which are thousands of pages, could be awfully hard to lug around and hold up while relieving oneself.

Kudos to the Colorado athletic administration to being innovators. Those who take a risk first are often laughed at– and this is no doubt the case here– but something tells me they could have the last laugh.

At least coaches will be fully versed on recruiting rules. What else is there to do while in the john?

Innovation, my friends, innovation.

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