VIDEO: Nike Soccer Uniforms Made Out Of Plastic Bottles

By Riley Schmitt

Players that are competing in the European championships will be wearing a special type of soccer jersey.  Nike apparently loves the environment and has made soccer uniforms out of plastic bottles.  Yes, you read that right.  France, the Netherlands, and Portugal will be wearing uniforms made out of recycled plastic bottles.  It takes about 13 bottles to make a uniform and it is great for the environment.

I’ll admit, I was a little bit skeptical upon reading the story about it.  However, the video does a great job of explaining the entire process.  They use recycled materials, which is good for everyone in the long run.  Why let things go to waste?  Nike soccer uniforms might be the new way to inspire recycling.

I wonder how comfortable the jerseys are.  It is not everyday you wear something that is made out of recycled plastic.  It could be an issue, but who knows?  I am sure that Nike took the time to make sure all of this goes off without a hitch.  It is a perfect PR thing, as saving the environment is always sure to score brownie points with a lot of people.

We will see if one of the teams wearing the bottle uniforms ends up taking home the championship.  That would be an even bigger boost to the production of these jerseys.  It might not be long before we see things like this take on a life of their own.  It could spread to more sports, as more teams and uniform makers decide to recycle.  Heck, it is probably not a bad thing in the long run.


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