Avalanche General Manager and Lakers Head Coach Former Roommates

By Derek Kessinger

Los Angeles Lakers Coach Mike Brown will coach a game tonight at his former roommate’s home arena. General Manager Greg Sherman’s Colorado Avalanche may be finished for the year, but the turf war of who should  do the dishes may still linger at the Pepsi Center in Denver Colorado.

As reported by Terri Frei upon his hiring, Greg Sherman played basketball at the University of San Diego for a year. Brown was on the team his entire college career. When Mike Brown landed a job as the Nuggets video coach, he asked Sherman if they could be roommates. Sherman had a job with the Arthur Anderson Accounting firm. The two lived together in the Tamarac Square area in  southeast  Denver  for three and a half years.

Sherman’s ascension to his current position was through the Avalanche’s first owners, who also owned the Nuggets (COMSAT). He worked in a variety of different roles with the company until  becoming the Avalanche’s Assistant General Manager under Pierre Lacroix in 2002. He worked his way to the head of the class in 2009. Sherman’s big moves include the trade that landed the Avalanche Semyon Varlamov and trading Chris Stewart to the St. Louis Blues for Erik Johnson. While the team has made the playoffs just one of the three years he has served as GM, the young core built by Sherman may be moving the team in the right direction.

As for Mike Brown, taking over for Phil Jackson has not been easy. He has had to deal with an aggravated Kobe Bryant, who has been turned off by management’s decisions. Kobe and Brown do not often see eye-to-eye, but this is not the first time Brown has had these issues. He won Coach of the Year over a man named Lebron James and played in an NBA Finals. It remains to be seen who wins a championships first; Mike Brown or Greg Sherman.


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