Female Anchor In Maine Meghan Torjussen Reports Game 4 Between Miami And Boston Ends In A Tie

By Riley Schmitt


via The Awesome Boston

Meghan Torjussen by all accounts has a budding reporting career.  However, she had a pretty bad faux pas on Sunday night as she reported that Game 4 between the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics finished in a tie.  She apparently got the news from her producer, so both parties are at fault.

I just do not understand how both of them could think the game ended in a tie.  Name the last basketball game that ended in a tie.  I can not understand how Meghan Torjussen would actually say that on air.  I know she got bad information, but your thought process should override that news.

Meghan Torjussen is probably not a sports person, so she might not actually know the intricacies of basketball, but come on.  There is no way that a basketball game, much less a playoff one, could ever end in a tie.  It just makes zero sense.  Hopefully she is not involved in sports, otherwise she just looked like a complete fool.

A lot of people make mistakes and are able to overcome them.  Meghan Torjussen will probably join that crowd but for now she’s Internet famous.  Being Internet famous is almost never a good thing.  This case is also not a good way to get known.  She will now be known as the girl who reported a playoff basketball game ended in a tie.  Not exactly the greatest way in the world to make an impression on people.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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