Philadelphia Eagles And Angry Birds Announce Partnership

By Riley Schmitt

The Philadelphia Eagles are coming off of a disappointing 2011 season, but they are cooking up some new stuff for 2012.  They have announced a partnership with the popular mobile game Angry Birds, in a move that should benefit both parties.

This is what you can call a win-win situation.  The Philadelphia Eagles can do some promotions centering around Angry Birds which will get them more media exposure.  Angry Birds benefits because this can expose them to the Philly sports scene.  I really see no situation in which this could go wrong.

Well, hold that thought.  If they decide to hand out plush Angry Birds during Philadelphia Eagles games, there is always a chance someone wants to turn them into a weapon.  It might not actually hurt to get hit by a plush doll, but it would certainly be annoying.  Maybe arming the fans with a potential weapon is not a good thing.

I think this could be a big thing going forward in sports.  If teams want to add exposure, you might as well make the best out of the new mobile gaming section.  Social media continues to grow along with the games that go with it.  If you can use them to your advantage, all the better.  I think the Philadelphia Eagles really understand what is going on.

I look forward to see how this ends up working out.  I think this could be a great way for the Eagles to gain some support and get some more exposure.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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