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Thomas Neal Makes Little League Web Gem Of The Season On ESPN

Thomas Neal is certainly enjoying his ESPN exposure. The Canadian center fielder is taking advantage of his team being in the Little League World Series and he should be on the highlight shows after this amazing diving catch on Friday.

This might be one of the best games of the series.  In fact, it will take a lot of great games to beat this one.  This game has everything that you want.  It is high scoring with numerous home runs and it also has some great defense.  That is exactly what you want from your Little League games this year.

Could Thomas Neal become the next great baseball star?  That is quite possible.  He is off to a great start and getting exposure on a national stage is great for anybody.  These kids are all about the moment right now and getting to play on ESPN is a great thing.

I actually enjoy the coverage that the LLWS gets on ESPN.  It does rub some people the wrong way but these kids are loving what they do.  They get to play baseball on TV and they have a chance to bring a title back to their home town.  It may be overexposed but it is extremely entertaining television.

Right now, this is the play of the tournament but there is a ton of games left.  If the LLWS keeps producing plays like this, it will be a series to remember for a long time.  Keep it up Thomas Neal.  You are going to win fans from every nation with plays like this.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.