Summerslam Results: Brock Lesnar Destroys COO Triple H

Brock Lesnar was signed to the WWE in order to help put over other wrestlers while collecting a nice little paycheck.  On Sunday, Lesnar scored a victory in a brutal match against Triple H at Summerslam.  The victory should set up a Lesnar battle with the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 29.

Many people feared that the company was going to make Brock Lesnar look weak and a loss to a guy who is not a full time wrestler anymore would do that.  The early loss to John Cena made some sense but a loss to an authority figure would be mind-numbing, even for pro wrestling.

By having Lesnar take out HHH, it will allow Lesnar to disappear for a bit in order to set up an eventual feud with Undertaker, a man he has real life heat with.  Remember, the two almost went at it after a UFC fight that Lesnar was involved in.  Taker is a MMA fan and enthusiast so there is layers to the story.

There is still a long ways between Mania and right now.  Lesnar might end up deserting the company again or a new plan could pop up.  However, a match between Lesnar and Undertaker would move the needle and plant some seeds of doubt in the minds of fans.  Taker is up there in age and Lesnar could be the man that finally ends the amazing streak at Wrestlemania.

There is no way that Lesnar would ever end up beating Taker at Mania but the story must be believable.  By having him destroy a guy like Triple H sets the process up.  Taker has struggled with The Game at recent Wrestlemanias and having Lesnar roll through him can start the debate.

Expect a lot of things to change before April rolls around but it looks like the company has a great match on the docket, thanks to some smart booking at Summerslam.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.