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6th Grader Andrew Robison Throws Touchdown In Varsity Football Game

Image for MaxPreps Video.

Andrew Robison may only be in the 6th grade, but he looks like he could be a future football star.  Robison might be the youngest player in history to throw a touchdown during a varsity football game.  Franklin Career Academy in Tennessee is in an eight man football league, which helps this make a bit of sense.

Just take a look at this video.  The kid is TINY.  If he were to get hit, it looks like he could probably end up dead.  He is barely 100 pounds and he barely is five foot tall.  That is just incredible.  I can not believe that a kid this young is actually playing varsity football.

This wasn’t just some charity case either.  The opposing team was actually trying to stop his team from scoring.  They just could not do it.  Think how good this guy is going to be when he is actually in high school.  If he has a growth spurt, he could become one of the better quarterbacks in the state.  That might mean a scholarship and more news focusing on such this feat.

Hopefully, Andrew Robison can keep developing and improving his skills.  If he does, he could be special in this sport.  If he decides to ever hang it up, at least he can have this on the record.  Although it may never be confirmed, I would be shocked if he is not the youngest guy to ever throw a touchdown on the varsity football field.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.