2012 Football Kickoff: Best Tailgate Accessory - The Salsabol

By John Gorman

I get frustrated easily.

One football-watching activity that really boils my blood is trying to scoop salsa out of a salsa dish.

You take your chip, and you scour the province of salsa-land for that chunky, spicy, tomato-y goodness, and just when you thought you’ve achieved maximum salsa nirvana, you launch the chip airborne and SPLAT!

Salsa hits the deck, covering your table or your pants or OMG!! THIS IS A CHIP WITH ONLY THAT LIQUIDY WATERY BASE-COAT ON IT. I’D RATHER EAT MY OWN SKIN.

Enter the Salsabol. The greatest tailgate invention since the BBQ Grill!!

The Salsabol has a unique lip that pushes the salsa onto the chip and keeps it there, unless you’re suffering from epilepsy or parkinsons. In which case, you should probably just off yourself right now, or suck salsa from a straw.

Watch out, Tostitos “Scoops”, you’ve been officially rendered obsolete.

$12.99. Comes in matador red, sunburst yellow and mojito green colors. Free side of pretentiousness.

You’re welcome, amigos.

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