66 Year Old Beverly Morgan Suing Bo Pelini Due To Injury Sustained At A Football Camp

Beverly Morgan was just your average 66 year old woman.  She loves her football and she especially loves her Nebraska Cornhuskers.  Morgan attended a football camp and that is where things got wacky.  She was injured way back in the far off year of 2010 and now she’s suing coach Bo Pelini and his foundation.

Plaintiff held the ball as shown by Defendant Beck, took one or two steps and was struck by one or both of the women at the front of the gauntlet lines so hard she was knocked off her feet hitting the back of her head on the Hawk’s Championship Training Center floor causing her cap and earrings to fly off. Plaintiff experienced immediate headache, became nauseated, and her right foot was dragging. Defendant Beck and a woman helped Plaintiff to a chair on the sidelines and left. Another individual came over to Plaintiff and told her someone on the medical staff would come by to check on her. No one did. Plaintiff did not participate in any further drills.

Well, that is a pretty good description of what happened.  This woman had no idea on how to do the most basic football things and she ended up taking a hit because of it.  It sucks that she did end up getting hurt, but you would have to think that the foundation and Pelini are protected from this.

We shall see if Morgan and her lawsuit end up working out.   Something tells me a settlement will happen and we will all forget about this.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.