Rapper Drake Denied Entrance to Miami Heat Locker Room Following Championship Victory (Video)

By Paul Seaver
Steve Mitchell-USA Today Sports

The Miami Heat claimed their second consecutive NBA Championship on Thursday night, holding off the San Antonio Spurs late in a thrilling Game 7 atmosphere at the American Airlines Arena.

LeBron James scored 37 points in the team’s victory, earning a second consecutive NBA Finals MVP along the way. That trophy case for James is starting to fill up a bit, as he has also claimed four of the league’s last five regular season MVP awards in addition to his accomplishments on Thursday night.

While James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and the rest of the Miami organization were celebrating another NBA title, it’s not rare to see some celebrities try and jump in on the fun, especially in Miami. The famous rapper Drake was the one who tried to do just that on Thursday night, but Miami security was having none of it.

Drake attempted to gain entrance to the Heat locker room following the team’s victory in Game 7, along with his entourage. He was denied. Security claimed only media was allowed past this point, but we’ve seen plenty of past examples in which celebrities have slipped through.

Sorry Drake, I guess that wasn’t the case on Thursday. Check out the video below:


As you would probably expect following Drake’s denial at the locker room entrance, he doesn’t appear all too pleased in the video. Nothing happened after Drake and his entourage were denied at the door.

Good move by the security team. A championship celebration should be about the players and the organization in the locker room. When they leave the arena, then it becomes a more public situation.


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