Are the Chicago Cubs Leading the David Price Sweepstakes?

By gilgerard
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Cubs are in desperate need of top of the rotation pitching they severely lack in their organization. With that being said, David Price is certainly on the market, and the Chicago Cubs have recently just agreed to a 500 million dollar Wrigley Field renovation that has led owner Tom Ricketts to promise a world series. To win a world series, they need an ace. David Price is an ace, so wouldn’t it make sense?

It’s really early in the game, but sources have told Rant Sports that the Cubs are certainly eyeballing the David Price situation closely and would part with one of their best prospects to headline a deal.

This tells me Albert Almora or Javier Baez is certainly available for the right player and this is a deal that makes sense to me.

The Cubs are a team that can’t pitch. They have a heavy amount of hitter prospects and could part with a few of them to bring on the pitching. It makes sense that the Cubs would strike early and lock Price down for 7 years as Price is a guy that could anchor the rotation for this club.

If you’re a Cubs fan, I don’t see how you could be upset about trading a prospect for a cy young winner. It’s more likely prospects fail than succeed and when you have the opportunity to get a stud, you should get the stud if you can afford him- the Cubs can.

I would feel REAL good with David Price and Jeff Samardzija heading the rotation for the next 5 or 6 years. Throw in a top pick this year (Mark Appel) and a top pick next year, they could easily make up for losing a Javier Baez pretty easily.

It’ll be interesting to see if the Cubs pull the trigger here, it certainly would go a long way in showing the fans they want to win a World Series. To do that, it starts at the top of the rotation.

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