Philadelphia Phillies: Ryan Howard's Bat is Heating Up at the Perfect Time

By Marilee Gallagher

For most of the month of April, Philadelphia Phillies’ fans had reason to worry about their All-Star slugger, Ryan Howard.

While Howard’s average was and still remains well above where it normally sits, the power numbers have been slow to come. In fact, with just one home run and six RBI before April 23 and a slugging percentage under .400, Howard was well on his way to his worst ever career month of April.

But then, almost overnight, the hard-hit balls started going just a little farther, allowing the wind to carry them to the warning track, to the wall and in some instances over the outfield fence.

It is more than just the power that has been coming Howard’s way. He is starting to really deliver with runners on base. So much so in fact that in the last five games, Howard has had at least one RBI in each. In a flash, Howard jumped from six RBI to 16, totaling 10 in the last five games.

Also in the last five games, Howard has hit three of the seven doubles he has on the season and two of his three total home runs. He has upped his run total to nine as well, scoring one run in each of the last five games.

After notching a pinch hit double in Sunday’s game, Howard additionally, was able to extend his hitting streak to 10 straight games.

And for the Phillies, all of this production could not be coming at a better time. The team is 6-3 when Howard scores a run and have won three of their last five games, mainly because of Howard’s renewed production.

While the power numbers are only starting to come, the Phillies should take comfort in the fact that as the weather heats up, so will their slugger. That of course will only be good news for the Phillies and their efforts to compete in the NL East.

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