Montee Ball Scouting Report

Biography Montee Ball Running Back Wisconsin #28 Junior


Physical Abilty: Montee Ball has top notch physical ability.  Ball can be a very effective smash mouth bruiser.

Durability: Ball displays excellent durability for a running back.

Size: Ball is 5 foot 11 210 pounds.  Ball has the ability to bulk up to 220 pounds.

Learning Rate: Ball learns new plays right away while comprehending an NFL Playbook in very effective fashion.

Football IQ: Ball displays great patience and intelligence when recognizing run blocking lanes out of the backfield.

Awareness: Ball displays great field vision and ball carrier vision.

Intangibles: Ball displays the intangibles to be a complete running back.

Catches Out of the Backfield: Montee Ball has 5 receiving touchdowns.

Power Back: Ball is an excellent power back.  Ball runs with a lot of power when executing his runs.

Red Zone Back: Ball can be very dangerous in the red zone.  Ball can break a 20 yard play on a running or passing play.

Goal Line Back: Montee Ball has the ability to pound the football into the end zone from short distances.  Ball can be a very effective goal line back.

Runs To The Inside: Ball likes to run it up the middle when running to the inside.

Trucking: Ball is excellent at trucking defenders by knocking them on the ground with power runs.

Patient: Ball is a very patient runner.  Instead of trying to create the play, Ball waits for the play to devleop.

Consistent: Ball had 18 rushing touchdowns when splitting carries in 2010.  Ball has 29 rushing touchdowns in 2011 as the Wisconsin Badgers feature back.

Production: Ball has 248 carries for 1,622 rushing yards and 29 rushing touchdowns in 2011.  Ball had 18 rushing touchdowns last year.

Potential: Montee Ball has the potential to be a pro bowl caliber back down the line.


Speed: I would like to see more burst off the edge with Montee Ball.

Agility: Ball has outstanding footwork.  He could improve his agility and elusiveness on running plays though.

Has an Elite Offensive Line: Montee Ball has one of the countries best offensive lines.

My Thoughts On Montee Ball

Montee Ball has the ability to be an effective power back.  Ball could be one of the best backs in the NFL down the line.   Ball may have an elite offensive line.  He may not be the most explosive back.  He does use his power to create separation off of runs which result in big plays.  This accounts for something.

Ball reminds me of Ron Dayne with a much better chance of maximizing his immense potential.