Ryan Lindley Scouting Report

Ryan Lindley Quarterback San Diego State #14 Senior Redshirt


Arm Strength: Lindley has great arm strength for a quarterback prospect.

Quick Release: Lindley has the quick release that you look for in a quarterback prospect.

Size: Lindley is 6 foot 4 230 pounds.  Lindley displays great prototypical size for a quarterback.

Intangibles: Lindley displays great intangibles at times.

Throws On Run: Lindley has the ability to throw on the run as a quarterback.

Footwork: Lindley has the footwork to make the 1 step, 3 step, 5 step, and 7 step drops.

Progressions: Lindley is excellent at reading progressions on any of his throws.  This is one of the major pros when watching Lindley on film.

Mechanics: Lindley has good mechanics for a quarterback in terms of proper throwing motion from a quarterback.

Potential: Lindley has the potential to develop into a borderline starting quarterback.


Learning Rate: Lindley will need time to learn an NFL playbook.  Lindley needs to hold the clipboard comprehending the teams playbook at the next level.

Football IQ: Lindley’s football IQ appears average unless he has the right receivers to throw to.  Lindley’s ability to perform well declined significantly in 2011 after he lost receivers Vincent Brown and DeMarco Sampson.

Awareness: Lindley needs to improve his field vision in terms of awareness when making his throws.  Ryan Lindley’s field vision will sometimes result in him throwing the football into coverage.

Accuracy: Lindley displays really inconsistent accuracy for a quarterback.

Work Ethic: Lindley has displayed a lackluster work ethic in some of the games he played in this season.

Needs To Show A 4th Quarter Comeback: Lindley needs to show he can execute a 4th quarter comeback.

Lost His 2 Best Wide Receivers: Teams were able to expose San Diego State quarterback Ryan Lindley much more in 2011 because he lost his star receivers Vincent Brown and DeMarco Sampson.  Kellen Moore lost Austin Pettis and Titus Young and has still remained effective for Boise State.

Gets Rattled Under Pressure: Ryan Lindley struggles to make the proper throws when he is pressured.

Production: Lindley’s production declined in 2011.  Lindley threw 28 touchdowns and 14 interceptions in 2010 while completing 57.7 percent of his passes.  Lindley has thrown 23 touchdowns and 8 interceptions while completing 53 percent of his passes.

My Thoughts On Ryan Lindley

Lindley has the ability to develop into a borderline starter.  Ryan Lindley is such 2 year project at this point before he maximizes his potential.  You have to wonder if Lindley is worth it.  Even if Lindley maximizes his potential your getting a backup who becomes a borderline starter at best like Ryan Fitzpatrick or Alex Smith.