Paul George Could Be a Star for Indiana Pacers

Heading into his third pro season in the NBA, Indiana Pacers’ starting shooting guard, Paul George could finally make big strides to take his career and talent to the next level. Barely 22 years-old, George has already shown signs of brilliance on the court with the Pacers and in the BBVA Rising Star Challenge during last season’s NBA All-Star weekend.

Many people not familiar with George and the Pacers might only remember him for being the guy who did a black light dunk while wearing a neon jersey during the All-Star slam dunk contest, but there is much more to this young star.

For one, George is still growing. During the off-season last year, George grew another two inches, putting him around 6ft 10in. His stature and talents allow him to play as a big shooting guard or at the small forward position, as well.Even at a very contentious position in the Eastern Conference, George can create mismatches for most NBA teams.

If he can learn to use his size to his advantage, then his shooting ability can become much more dangerous.

This upcoming season could (and should) be a breakout for Paul George. He will be able to be taught and motivated for a full off-season by head coach Frank Vogel and his staff. The upside for Paul George is limitless, but only he can take his talents to the next level, while taking the Indiana Pacers to the next level with him.