2013 NBA Playoffs: Los Angeles Lakers are in Need of a Miracle

I watched Wednesday night’s game with a consuming feeling of anger and disappointment. The Los Angeles Lakers were staying toe-to-toe with the San Antonio Spurs for most of the game, but were simply unable to gain any advantage over their opponents on account.

The reasons for this are vast, and to put it plainly were awful. The Lakers didn’t have a single player score over 16 points, and to make matters worse they allowed Tony Parker to put up 28. To top off their poor offensive display, the Spurs shot over 50% from the field, and the 3-point line.

All-in-all it was a sad time to be a Lakers fan. So what now? Are the Lakers destined for a sweep, or a game 5 elimination? Could they bounce back?

To a Lakers faithful like myself, why of course they can come back. Of course it will be no simple task for the Lakers to get into this series, but lets think of some possibilities for that miracle to occur.

The Lakers will have to shut down the Spurs, like holding them to under 38% shooting defense! Also, Steve Nash, Steve Blake, Dwight Howard, and Pau Gasol all have to have about 20 points each. Yes that’s asking a lot, but they can’t generate offense from anywhere else, so what choice do they have.

Really the likelihood of the Lakers winning the series isn’t very high, but it isn’t impossible. If the Lakers can manage to win the next two games at home, then perhaps they can do something special.