Michigan Wolverines "Honored" by State Legislature

By Joseph Nardone
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The 2012-13 version of the Michigan Wolverines have plenty to be proud of. Even though some slightly insane folks will call their season a disappointment, the rest of us folks who need not visit the loony-bin consider their journey to eventually become the NCAA runners-up to be more than living up to expectations.

Still, even with playing well, having a bunch of potential (then non-potential) first-round draft picks on their roster and being an all-around awesome team, the state’s legislature managed to mind-boggle a simple press-fluff event.

Michigan went to be honored by its state’s legislature. The move is regularly done by a state’s government to look like regular people as well as drub up some free, controversy-less press. For the Wolverines, however, it was an event where they were “reminded” that they were not the biggest basketball program in town.

Freep.com put an article out that quoted one of the photographers as being a little too willy-nilly with his improvisational comedy. Instead of asking the players to say “cheese” like every picture-taker in the history of the world, the cameraman asked for the Wolverines players to say “state” — because, you know, he apparently knows nothing about hoops nor does he bother to ask for such little details like who these people are.

The players apparently just laughed it off and decided saying “state” was not the best idea.

That was not the lone funny moment from the otherwise trivial event. Michigan State Representative Jim Irwin was quoted, “we just wanted to thank them for bringing fame and glory to our fabulous state.”

I’ll leave the jokes from that quote to you.


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