Jay Cutler Is The Epicenter For Ignorant Opinions

By Bryan Lutz

Normally, I don’t like writing about the NFL because debates are strictly opinionated. Unlike baseball, the game I love and follow almost religiously, football really doesn’t have a whole lot of tangible numbers that reflect exactly how good a player is. That is why I stay away from football debates as much as I can. I like being able to say player X is better than player Y because of ABC. In football, you really can’t say that because it is the ultimate team game. But there is one thing I know for an absolute certainty – – every opinion about Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler is wrong.

On one hand, there is the Chicago media, who escalate anything in order to get people to read their papers and watch their shows. The media has constantly ridiculed Cutler for the most minute things. We all remember how the media crushed Cutler during the 2011 NFC Championship game when he sprained his knee, causing him to miss the second half of the game. The media construed a theory that Cutler is a quitter because he was just sitting on the bench with his head down. Now, Jay Cutler is a bad teammate because he was yelling and shoving his horrific left tackle J’Marcus Webb. Yea… ok…

On the other hand, there are Bears’ fans who constantly support Cutler no matter what he does. I have never seen a guy be as excused for his crappy play as Jay Cutler. Every interception Cutler has thrown has been the fault of the offensive line or his receivers, it’s never Jay’s fault for backfooting a duck across the middle. I get why Bear fans support Cutler considering he is literally their best quarterback since WWII, but according to the Bear fans I’m around (real-life and on message boards) Cutler isn’t at fault. Yea… ok…

I do not know one person who calls Jay Cutler out for who he is. He’s a reckless, pouty quarterback whose offensive line hinders his true talent levels. Cutler just makes it so easy to dislike him. His pressers, facial expressions, the way he wears his helmet, his frat boy attire, his celebrity marriage, etc. are all reasons to dislike him. Is it entirely his fault? Absolutely not. That’s where the media comes into play.

So before next time Jay Cutler does something stupid again – which he will –  take a step back from the ledge (media) and quit babying him (fans) and form a correct rationale for once.

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