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Denver Broncos LB Joe Mays Puts Monster Hit on Houston Texans QB Matt Schaub

One of the things we love seeing the most in NFL games are big hits, but sometimes the hits just make you cringe and feel sorry for the player involved. This Sunday provided one of those hits.

With the Denver Broncos getting manhandled by the Houston Texans, the Broncos defense attempted to send a message and get their team back in the game by putting a big hit on quarterback Matt Schaub. Broncos linebacker Joe Mays put what may be the hit of the year so far on Schaub.

I would be shocked if Mays did not get fined for this hit.

This is one of the more controversial issues in the NFL today. You have ex-players and old school fans with the mind set that this is just good football. Big hits are a part of the game and the current regime is getting away from that with their emphasis on player safety. Honestly, I’m not an ex-player nor an old school fan, and I thought the play was just what the Broncos needed.

Yes, it was illegal. Yes, the flag needed to be thrown. Yes, Mays will likely be fined for the hit. But this is football. If you’re a professional football player, you know what you signed up for.

Some fans believe the helmet to helmet hits have no part in the game, but it’s difficult to change the thinking of guys who’ve been playing a certain way for their entire lives. I’m all for player safety, but you have to draw the line somewhere.

Mays’ hit on Schaub was illegal, but it wasn’t something we should be up in arms about.

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