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Denver Broncos Lose: Progress is Being Made

Chris Humphreys-US PRESSWIRE

A lot of people are probably in full panic mode after the Denver Broncos lost their second straight game to the Houston Texans on Sunday. Maybe there’s some reason to be concerned and but there is also progress being made. No one, especially the Broncos, is making excuses but look who they have lost to in the past six days. A strong case can be made that the Broncos have lost to the two best teams in the NFL, the Atlanta Falcons last Monday and the Texans on Sunday. They are still losses but the Broncos are not going to play two better teams than the ones they have just played.

Peyton Manning has been trying since the beginning of training camp to tell everyone that this is a process, it’s time that people start believing it. In the hours after their second loss, Bronco fans do not want to hear about progress being made but that’s the case. There’s no doubt that for three quarters, Manning and the offense were terrible but then they started to figure some things out in the fourth quarter. The fourth quarter does not make up for three quarters of bad football but it does do something, it shows that the team is making progress,

Every schedule is tough in its own right but the Broncos first six games are brutal; call that an excuse if you want but for a team that is still trying to find itself, that has to factor into the equation. The Broncos must find a way, anyway, to win two of the next three games before their bye week. If they do that, then they go to that bye at 3-3 and are probably no worse than a game out of first in the AFC West. A win over the Oakland Raiders next Sunday is a must win, if the Broncos lose that then the panic will have more merit.

For now however, Denver Broncos’ fans need to take a breath and relax. Are the areas that need to be fixed? Of course there are but the Broncos have lost to the Falcons and the Texans, and something tells me that a lot of teams are going to lose to those teams. It hasn’t shown up in the win, loss record yet but the Broncos are making progress. They are going to get better the more they play together so for now, stay away from the panic button.

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