Ryan Fitzpatrick: Buffalo Bills Player of the Week

By Scott DelleFave
Fitzpatrick, Ryan 3
Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE

In week three, Buffalo Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick looked superb despite only having 208 yards passing. His mechanics looked better than previous weeks; this week he actually lead receivers on more passes than his usual of throwing behind the receiver.

One thing I really loved about what Fitzpatrick did today was that he passed the ball to seven different receivers including fullback Corey McIntyre.

Besides the passing yards, he did throw touchdowns to three different receivers — Stevie Johnson, rookie T.J. Graham and emerging star running back C.J. Spiller. I was elated to see Graham score his first NFL touchdown today here in Cleveland, despite the weather and even though it was only for nine yards. Spiller’s touchdown was a very nice series of moves on a swing pass from 32 yards out. Finally, Johnson’s pass was much more direct than the other two from nine yards out.

I’m excited to see if Fitzpatrick can find Graham in space, because his speed burst is tremendous; or even use him on a Jetsweep run from time to time and possibly catch a defense off guard.

Also, Fitzpatrick didn’t get sacked once again; that’s three consecutive games where the offensive line has kept his blue jersey immaculate. With this sheer dominance of the offensive line, Fitzpatrick has the ability to take off and run, if need be, when going through the air isn’t feasible.

Since week one it seems Fitzpatrick has relaxed, since he hasn’t forced any stupid passes that could have lead to interceptions and subsequently helped other teams  score cheap points against us, like the New York Jets. His turnovers in that game were the difference in the 48-28 route in week one.

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