Green Bay Packers Need to Fire Dom Capers Immediately

By Bryan Lutz
Jeff Hanisch – USA TODAY Sports

The Green Bay Packers‘ season is over. The San Francisco 49ers were able to do whatever they wanted on offense thanks to the ineptitude of their horrible defensive coordinator Dom Capers. I have never seen a professional defense get as owned as the Packers did on Saturday night. They were literally guessing on whether Colin Kaepernick was keeping it on the zone read or if he was handing it off.

It’s clear Capers’ time in Green Bay is up, seeing as his defensive units have always gotten worse the longer he has coached. And the reason for is quite simple: Capers runs a gimmick defense. Once Dom Capers is figured out, Dom Capers will get defeated. Although the Packers were getting torched all game by the legs of Kaepernick, Capers made absolutely no adjustments. He hardly ever used a spy in coverage, he used horrible blitzes schemes (as always) and he refused to double-team Michael Crabtree all game, even though Crabtree was the only wide receiver that did anything against Green Bay.

At this point, I really don’t care who becomes the new Packers defensive coordinator. Anyone who has the IQ over seven and understands the basic concepts of defense will be better at this point. Heck, bag the 3-4 defense for all I care, even if it neutralizes Clay Matthews off the edge.

As long as Capers remains coordinator, the Packers will never, ever, ever, ever, ever to the power of Taylor Swift reach the Super Bowl again. It’s pretty depressing that Aaron Rodgers‘ prime years are being wasted by one of the worst-coached defensive units in the league.

Thanks for the Super Bowl, Dom, but your time was up last season. There is absolutely no excuse for Capers to be in Green Bay come Monday.

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