Seattle Seahawks: Does L.O.B. Stand for "Legion of Boom", or "Legion of Baseball"?

By Connor Hutyler
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor of the Seattle Seahawks were all on hand for the Seattle Mariners game on Thursday night to watch Felix Hernandez pitch against the Texas Rangers. Sherman was there to throw out the game’s ceremonial first pitch, while Thomas and Chancellor were there to provide for moral support.

When he was asked which of the three members of the Seattle secondary (also known as the “Legion of Boom”) in attendance would make the best big league baseball player, Sherman replied:

[Kam] would be the power hitter, [Earl] would be the ball hawk in the outfield, you know, and I’d be something like King Felix out there on the mound.

He was also asked whether or not he believed he could hit a Felix Hernandez fastball, and said:

Hit it? Or keep it in play?  You know, I think I could get a piece of it.  I’d mostly just leave the bat out there and hope something hits something.

Sherman certainly backed up his claims of being similar to Felix Hernandez when he threw a beautiful pitch right over home plate for a strike.  The man loves to talk trash, but he always seems to back it up with his actions.

After watching the three Seattle defensive backs play catch before the game, I can honestly say I was quite impressed. Even though he had a brief career in professional baseball, Russell Wilson might not be the best baseball player on the Seahawks after all.

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