New York Giants Draftee Ryan Nassib Cannot Be Thrilled

By Andrew Lecointe
Rich Barnes — USA Today Sports

New York Giants‘ backup QB Ryan Nassib, who was acquired in the 4th Round of the 2013 NFL Draft this weekend, is probably happy to be with the Giants organization for a couple of reasons. For one, the Giants drafted one of his offensive linemen, OL Justin Pugh, in the first round. The level of familiarity and possible camaraderie would make the transition from Syracuse University to the NFL a little smoother.

Also, Nassib is playing behind incumbent starter QB Eli Manning. Manning is a two-time Super Bowl champion and MVP, so what better way to learn to be a champion than to learn from a guy who has done it multiple times? It only makes sense. Nassib also isn’t in a situation where he has to start right away, which can be a tough task for many young quarterbacks entering the league.

Why should Nassib be unhappy with this though? For the most obvious reason, Nassib was a potential first round pick who slid all the way to the fourth round, much like QB Matt Barkley did. Barkley was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles, who happen to be the Giants’ rivals. Nassib will now be receiving less than $1 million per season, missing out on a lot of money.

However, the main reason Nassib shouldn’t be thrilled is the situation he’s in right now. Giants’ general manager Jerry Reese said after the draft they hope he doesn’t have to play. All Giants’ fans are hoping that also because there’s already a franchise quarterback in town. Manning is only 32 years old as well, so he has roughly five to seven more productive years left in him.

Barring injury, Nassib may never see the field with the Giants. It isn’t likely he’ll stick around that long if there’s no shot at him becoming a starter. He may not be looking at his long-term future, but it’ll come to a head at some point. What will Nassib do then?

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